Thursday, February 14, 2008

valentine's day ice breakers

if you're looking for a free e-card, check out at

the inappropriate cards are suitable for everyday use. card categories include "breakup", "confession", "apology", "workplace", and "flirting". simple cartoons with some good one-liners ("today is the anniversary of you being expelled from your mother's uterus", "it's been too long since we threw up on each other", "i hope you like my baggage", "let's switch from emailing to texting", "if you showed up on a free porn site i'd definitely click through", "get your socks off and a condom on", etc.)
there are some pretty funny ones. send one to your special someone...or make that not so special someone feel special with the simple click of the mouse. you can even print out cheap hard copies. perfect for the unsavvy internet user.


here are some some good karma-ed one liners, too. you can try this out or say them to yourself infront of the mirror (a la rodney dangerfield) if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed and need some positive energy to take on the day. a few of my favorites so far have been "you are such a ray of sunshine in this dark world", "of course it looks natural", "those shoes are so you", "lets make those special brownies and watch cartoons all day in our undies". keep hitting refresh for new ones.
Quick, say something nice!

happy valentine's day to you! and enjoy the good weather

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