Saturday, February 16, 2008


this year's 2007 men's soccer team saw the arrival of a new coach. in previous years, amherst's soccer team was a fairly relaxed program; the co-coaches were lenient about practices and conflicts (i know from experience, i had played freshman and sophomore year and was somewhat of a delinquent). that said, with the arrival of new head coach justin serpone, things were in for quite a radical change...

at our first team meeting of preseason, he distributed theses two handouts. he proceeded to rant and rave for a fantastic 10 minutes about how his "ass is on the line if we fuck up" (he is a product of duke university's soccer program, so is inherently paranoid about public images). he cursed a lot and it offended my sensibilities.

the handouts are self-explanatory for the most part. i will, however, clarify that the first post on the men's soccer facebook group is from an incoming freshman--who, to say the least, was petrified when he laid eyes on the handout.

the text at the bottom of the page reads "i'll grind your clit with a rock", "i wanna fuck your ass", and "i'm going to hump the shit out of you in, like, a few hours"

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Kate said...

how can john post on here?

this is one of the best posts so far. it never gets old...

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