Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ralph Rapson

Ralph Rapson is a modernist architect and one of the oldest practicing architects in the world. in 1951 he was commissioned by the US State Department's Foreign Building Operation agency to design a series of embassies in w. Europe. in 1954 he accepted the job as head of the University of Minnesota's architecture school. he's still working and living in Minneapolis. I actually didn't know anything about Rapson until i read in article about him in an architecture magazine this fall. then i recognized a bunch of his work and had even been in some of them.
works include;
The Pillsbury House (1963 Wayzata, MN); demolished in 1997 and i can't find any photos of it. but it was beautiful. Glass Cube (1978 Amery, WI); his vacation home. The US Embassy (1954 Stockholm)

Cedar-Riverside New Town-In-Town (1973 Minneapolis, MN); low income housing, we were required to do community service here in high school every thursday. The Peterson House (2005 Edina, MN); amazing, brand new.
the Guthrie Theater (1963, Minneapolis); diminished the barriers between actors/audience. The Meech House (1958 Minnetonka, MN); now for sale for the first time in 30 years

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