Sunday, February 10, 2008

perspectives and systems

Charles and Ray Eames 1977 film. hadn't seen this in a while and it came to my mind when i was sitting in a round circle late-night a few weeks ago. its an eerie sci-fi experience. for those of you who are unfamiliar with the Eames;

they were american designers who married in the 60s.. charles eames got kicked out of Wash-U for being having architectural views that were too progressive/modernist. he continually suggested that Frank Lloyd Wright be included in the curriculum. they couple lived in LA and designed furniture, houses, art, created films. they also designed this house that sits on a cliff overlooking the pacific ocean.

essentially, they were true upholders of the renaissance tradition.

of the "POWER OF TEN" film. their website says;

The ultimate Eamesian expression of systems and connections, Powers of Ten explores the relative size of things from the microscopic to the cosmic. The 1977 film travels from an aerial view of a man in a Chicago park to the outer limits of the universe directly above him and back down into the microscopic world contained in the man's hand. Powers of Ten illustrates the universe as an arena of both continuity and change, of everyday picnics and cosmic mystery. The film also demonstrates the Eameses' ability to make science both fascinating and accessible.

the music is quite other worldly, too.

full screen that shit.

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