Monday, February 11, 2008

if you like the color gray and/or j. johns

there is a GREAT Jasper Johns exhibition at the MET from Feb 2nd-May 4th focusing on his implementation of the color gray.

a review i read in the NY times last week said its "one of his best exhibitions" and my friend Pete saw it last weekend said he was blown away, to say the least. he says the audio guided tour for $7 is clutch.

the MET's website says:

"The exhibition examines the use of the color gray by the American artist Jasper Johns (b. 1930) between the mid-1950s and the present. It brings together more than 120 paintings, reliefs, drawings, prints, and sculptures from American and international collections. Johns has worked in gray, at times to evoke a mood, at other times to evoke an intellectual rigor that results from his purging most color from his works. This exhibition is the first to focus on this important thematic and formal thread in Johns's career and includes some of the artist's best-known works, such as Canvas, Gray Target, Jubilee, 0 through 9, No, Diver, and The Dutch Wives, as well as works from the artist's Catenary series and new paintings never before exhibited."

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