Tuesday, February 5, 2008

if you happen to be in new york...

Katy Grannan at Greenberg Van Doren Gallery.

Grannan’s two-gallery show of big color photographs is an event for anyone interested in contemporary portraiture. Uptown, her subject is a young woman named Nicole who often seems on the verge of a meltdown. Writhing naked in the sand or laughing hysterically in a field of flowers, she’s a wild thing, as fascinating as she is frightening. Grannan pins her down like a butterfly and lets us examine the once pretty creature, now sadly damaged. Downtown, Gail and Dale, a pair of aging transsexuals, pose awkwardly in matronly clothes and in the nude. Tanyth Berkeley has a surer feel for the allure of the grotesque, but Grannan still makes a knockout picture. Through Feb. 16. (Greenberg Van Doren, 730 Fifth Ave., at 57th St. 212-445-0444; Salon 94 Freemans, 1 Freeman Alley. 212-529-7400. Through Feb. 23.)

Reminds me of a mix of Cindy Sherman and the suburbanite bad girls featured in fiona apple's criminal video.

for more information check out http://www.gvdgallery.com/

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