Thursday, February 14, 2008


The Upper East Side apartment of a pair of art collectors showcases the best of the current art scene (there’s a Warhol in the dining room).
when i read this teaser describing the following apartment it reminded me of the fond nannying memories i have nannying for a psychotic jewish woman and her two bratty children. it was a mere three days but actually felt like 300 days. the mother had collected so much artwork (recognizable artwork) that every wall-to-floor of their three-story townhouse had artwork propped up against it.even all the way up the twirly staircase running through the center of the apartment.

needless to say this apartment was selected as a representation of a 1968 upper east side aparment, so its much more tasteful. a true pleasure to look at.

Welcome to our Stella New York Magazine 2/14/08

`The art-collecting couple that lives in this sleek Fifth Avenue apartment wanted pride of place for the mammoth Protractor, by Frank Stella, that they’d bought at Larry Rubin’s gallery. But the original designer, Paul Rudolph, didn’t approve of the new acquisition, so the owners brought in French decorator François Catroux (husband of the glamorous Betty, muse to Yves Saint Laurent) to finish the job.

Catroux kept the mirrored window treatments but painted the walls deep aubergine, which sets off not just the Stella but a Lichtenstein, a Hans Hofmann, and Gene Davis’s Sour Ball Beat. And, of course, the Warhol portrait. When Andy first heard the couple was moving, he announced, “Well, I am not going to do the portrait until I see the new apartment.” The finished product now hangs in the dining room.

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