Wednesday, February 6, 2008

emilio pucci was a legend

Emilio Pucci was a member of the italian olympic ski team in 1934. he got a skiing scholarship to Reed College in Oregon in 1935 and started designing the ski team uniform. in 1939, he started an affair with Mussolini’s married daughter, Edda Ciano. Ciano's husband overthrew Mussolini briefly, but Mussolini was rescued and his power was restored. Mussolini then threatened Ciano for helping her ties to her husband. she asked pucci for assistance so he helped her escape to Switzerland in 1944. Pucci didn't make it and was caught and tortured by the Nazis. once they let hi lose he went to Zermatt to go skiing. in 1947, he was photographed wearing his tight and brightly colored ski attire. the photographer happened to work for Harper's Bazaar. soon after his stuff blew up all over the trendy european ski/beach scenes.

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