Thursday, February 14, 2008


after an encounter with the "strange" last night that kept me up until 6am, i woke up at 12:30pm* . i was pleasantly surprised to have TWO packages. one was my statistics text book, three weeks late. the other was a box from Wullaert Chocolates. after opening the box and sifting through the foam chips ad high-tech control temperature packaging, i found a brown box of BEAUTIFUL chocolates that my parents sent me. they're the kind of chocolates that are nearly too exquisite to eat. they remind me of the the 10'' x 10 '' chocolate doll house my aunt gave me in spain when i was a little girl (i insisted that we bring it back to the USA with us, and then it rotted in the freezer with a few random bite scratches on it).

their website says;
While living in his hometown Ghent, Belgium, Ingo Wullaert developed an extreme passion for chocolate. It did not take long before he decided to follow his passion by attending one of the most exclusive programs at the International Culinary School of Bruges, Belgium, where he earned the title of Master Chocolatier. Now, together with his family in Naples, Florida, Ingo Wullaert brings this traditional Belgian craftsmanship for all of us to enjoy! Ingo Wullaert serves customers worldwide with his unique chocolate creations, handcrafted daily from only the finest Belgian chocolate, freshest ingredients and without the use of preservatives. We invite you to experience the difference...
love the mix of kaleidoscopic/understated designs.

NOTE* i typically wake up between the hours of 7-9am naturally


Jred said...

in the picture on the top left, i ate the top left chocolate. it was divine.

Kate said...

i like your chin

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