Tuesday, February 5, 2008

bend it like beckham

Condom fashion: Can you "bonk like David Beckham?"

Have you ever stopped and thought: "what do the condoms I buy say about who I am?" You already drop $60 on a haircut, and $150 on designer jeans -- obviously you're trying to impress somebody. So, with that in mind, shouldn't you be more concerned with your prophylactics?

Next time you're in China, you'll notice they've already figured this out. When your average Chinese dude is at the corner drugstore picking up a little protection, he doesn't have to decide between boring old Durex, Trojan, or some lame generic brand -- instead, he can wear condoms adorned by the most fashionable man on the planet!

That's right -- David Beckham condoms. And apparently ladies are drawn to the love gloves featuring the international soccer star. They're fake, obviously -- and are in no way supported by Beckham himself. But, nevertheless, these shady prophylactics are now the top selling condoms in China.

It's about time. Next I'd like to see designer condoms. Gucci, Prada, Tommy Hilfiger. Seriously, I bet they'd make a killing.

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