Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Midday Snooze

i'm missin' the midday snooze big time. while in college and HS, there was nothing like firing back to the dorm between classes to saw some logs for an hour before making my way to the back of the lunch line. i use to pride myself (and still kind of do) on my ability to fall asleep under any circumstance and sleep through any sort of distraction. whether it's my freshman year super gamer of a roommate and his cohorts scouring middle earth in hot pursuit of the ring till 5am via X-Box or hurricane bob hurling trees through my garage, i ain't getting up. well after a year of living in china, i must say i am humbled by what i see everyday on the streets because these guys pretty much wrote the book.

that's like centaur skills

sick bike, even sicker snooze

note the items passing through the scanner

sick sock, sandal, sunday paper, siesta combo

plenty more where these came from.

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Madame Lamb said...

ha! like the first post, j bone.

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